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"The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it" 
George H. T. Kimble, from the book Inside Africa

Inside African Art - Online Home of Original African Paintings - Now in Our 16th Year!

16 Years on the Internet! 4,070+ Paintings Sold 108+ Artists Represented, and Growing! No Fixed Prices!

 On the Internet since 1999, Inside African Art is the original contemporary African paintings website!

Inside African Art is the Original African paintings website. It is a project run by three people, Todd Schaffer and his wife Liz, as well as Liz's sister Sarah. All of us travel to and from Kenya to the US, shuttling paintings and trying to stay afloat. We have one thing in mind: The promotion and exposure of contemporary original fine arts by African artists. (cont...)

Geoffrey Mugwe Madness! 28 New Mugwe Paintings On Sale Now! See Them Here!
Oops, two are gone... now 26!

NEW! Original African Batiks - Including these wonderful African Maps! Your Choice - $35!
See them Here!

Wildebeest on Savannah
Textured animal scenes, Market Scenes and serene acrylic/watercolor
Ocean Scenes by Robert Aswani

Hendrick Lilanga Paintings
Have Arrived!
See Them Here!

NEW Artist from Tanzania:
Kipara Mzuguno


New Artist: Jeff Wambugu!


Featured Artist: Son of the 'Father of TingaTinga Paintings' Daudi Tingatinga

KIMBO! Kimbo Batiks are in Stock!
7 New Ones Just Arrived


New Ash - 20 new paintings!
Small but formidable!

Fantastic New Paintings from
Martin Bulinya -
Large and Priced to Sell!

Eric Tournaire! Many Lions (above) -
Has many new paintings here

Ng'ang'a Ndeveni -
8 NEW paintings!

9 New Paintings by Joel Ngoko!

Just Imported: 66 Of the Most Incredible TingaTinga Paintings You Have Ever Seen!

See them on the TingaTinga Homepage and TingaTinga Page 2

10,000 Mile Sandals!

Handmade African Sandals
Made with beautiful Maasai beads, recycled tire soles, and Maasai leather. See them at:
Ten Thousand Mile Sandals

You know, not much time passes before Inside African Art finds itself involved with yet another project to benefit children. With your generosity, we funded three food distributions and saved the lives of countless people. NOW, with this momentum, we are in the process of rebuilding the Karichen Primary School. Interested in helping? Read more...   

Kimbo Batiks -
Three New Ones Just Came In!


NEW! Mark Omondi - New artist to the website!

Contemporary African paintings are less well known than African artifacts and traditional crafts, and there is little exposure and availability of this type of artwork either in galleries or on the internet. Yes, there are plenty of mass-produced artworks, African crafts, and Afri-kitch available, but finding an original African painting at a reasonable price is next to impossible - and it shouldn't be! (cont...)

New Artist - Samuel Njeru
Unique colors and sophistiated view of the environment - See them Here!

 South Africa Blue Rhino Maps are IN STOCK!
Latest Addition:
 More New paintings by
Jane Wanjeri

New! Paintings by Wycliffe  Ndwiga

Silk Thread Art from Ghana
Have One Made Just for You!

New Njugunas are in the house!

Martin Bulinya--Pages 1,2 & 3!
And now Page 4! New paintings!

Moses Wanyuki
Wanyuki stylized Maasai and incredible use of
background give him a unique appeal

Joseph Thiongo - New paintings of the mountains - Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya

... There is an abundance of incredibly talented artists in Africa who need a forum to promote their paintings and to show the world what they have to offer. Presently we are showcasing the artists of East Africa - primarily those of Kenya.

The majority of the paintings displayed in the website have been purchased either directly from the artists themselves with whom we have formed personal relationships, or through various galleries in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya - and are now in the U.S.A. for quick delivery.

It's our goal to keep the website fluid, topical, and on the pulse of the contemporary original African paintings scene. As well, I want to ensure that the artists themselves are reaping the benefits of world-wide exposure and promotion. We have instant access to nearly all of the artists in Kenya allowing us to keep refreshing the website with new paintings!

You buy African paintings and the artists directly benefit -
that's the idea of the website!

ALERT!!   At Inside African Art there are NO FIXED PRICES!
We have opened all original Africa paintings on this web site to offers and negotiation -
Just like it's done in Africa!

*** If you see a original painting that you like, make a reasonable offer! ***
Seriously, no reasonable offer will be refused!

You can always e-mail us at: todd@insideafricanart.com, or call us anytime* at: 407-619-8760
*USA - Mind the time zone!
To learn more, see the FAQ page!


Inside African Art now sends domestic and international PayPal Email Invoices
to ensure a secure and verifiable payment transaction.
You DO NOT have to be a member of PayPal or sign-up with PayPal.

Every painting on this website is an original - not a lithograph or copy -
I buy directly from the artist! See images below!

Take a look around, you might find a painting that would look perfect in your home or office! I hope you find this site to be informative; it is filled with historical and cultural information pertaining to the art and artists displayed. Thanks for visiting! Todd

With Banana Hill artists

Todd with Kivuthi Mbuno

To anyone wondering if artists represented by Inside African Art are exploited - I have bought over 290 batiks from Kimbo in the past 18 years - more than any other single person in Kimbo's 40+ years hawking in the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. This represents over $12,000! Nice leather coat Kimbo! Update 2011: Make that 310 batiks... May 2013 - 338 batiks!
My main man - Kimbo!

Todd with artists Zack (left) and Robert Aswani (right)

Todd with artist Kinuthia

With Joel Ngoko
in Gallery Watatu - Niarobi, Kenya
Please note: Unlike most websites, I do not watermark the images of the paintings with the logo of Inside African Art. This alters the beauty of the image as well as your perception of what it might look like on your wall. You are free to use these images as you wish. But please keep in mind where they came from and the African artists who worked so hard to produce them. In time maybe you will feel the urge to support them with a purchase of their wonderful art!

Remember though, there are laws regarding the duplication of images for commercial use. These laws are enforced by this website.

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